Elf and Safety Elves

8th January 2018

Elf and Safety Elves

We had a brilliant post drafted in December from Elf and Safety – our ‘not elf on the shelf’ but similar visitors…  but December proved to be so busy we never got chance to post it.  Better late than never 😉


Hello! we are the Kentra Training Elf and Safety Elves.

Every year we like to do something fun at Christmas, and this year we have been joined by ‘Elf’ & ‘Safety’ your Kentra training Elves (not Elf on the Shelf) but Elf and Safety.

Follow them on their long journey from Lapland to join the team here at Kentra Training…

Elf and Safety Elves

Then as they follow our staff on their daily training courses see what mischief they can cause to the staff and instructors 

Elf and Safety even have their own Twitter page….  Here’s a sneaky peak at what they have been up to already!

Elf and Safety Elves

Here are some of the antics they got up, at some of the more interesting jobs our Kentra instructors completed in December

Elf and Safety Elves   Workshop Safety 

Elf and Safety Elves   Tractor assessments

Elf and Safety Elves   Fire Course

Elf and Safety Elves  Food Hygiene

Elf and Safety Elves  Horticulture Courses – Hedge Trimming


We had great fun while they were here …  slightly High Voltage

Elf and Safety Elves

and always throwing a spanner in the works

Elf and Safety Elves

Okay were sorry they were bad jokes….   but we hope you enjoyed our Elf and Safety elves, as much as we did and who knows they might even join us again this December.

Warm regards from the Kentra Team


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