Harmful weeds.

14th July 2015

Harmful Weeds.

There have been quite a few news reports on our local stations, regarding serious burns sustained from Giant Hogsweed plants, the sap from which is highly toxic.  Gov.uk has a page dedicated to these types of harmful weeds.  www.gov.uk/japanese-knotweed-giant-hogweed-and-other-invasive-plants

Japanese Knotweed, giant hogweed or Himalayan balsam are now growing rapidly and tougher laws have been introduced this year meaning landowners face stiffer penalties if they ignore these invaders.

These are some of the plants which we warn our candidates about when conducting our horticultural courses, as detailed on the above webpage Landowners have a responsibility to control these plants from spreading on their land and causing a nuisance by spreading onto a neighbour’s property. It is important that you can identify them so you can control them in the most appropriate way.

Harmful Weeds

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