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Kentra is an accredited provider for Health and Safety training courses. We can deliver over 100 different training programmes and have therefore split our website into the more common sections, each with their own heading. The more general courses we offer are detailed in this section, we do have a Safety workshop section which you may find of interest.

If you can not find the course required please feel free to Contact us and we would be more than happy to help.

For more information click onto the adjacent links for the individual course content.

Health and Safety training courses

Certification & Validation – Training courses can be registered with different awarding bodies if required, such as NPORS or a Kentra card – as a registered training provider we can supply a plastic ID card as proof of training, suitable for the HSE and insurances.

If an awarding body validation is required we will need to notify them prior to the course, so please mention this when booking.

Course Requirements – We are an on-site training company, and would need a room for the theory session and a safe area for the practical session. Full course requirements are detailed on the individual course content pages.

For the Health and Safety training courses delegates will be expected to provide their own PPE.

If any other machine/equipment is of interest please ask and we will be able to advise if we can accommodate the course.

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