PUWER Training Course

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998

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Kentra Training provide a wide selection of Health and Safety courses, including this PUWER training course. We specialise in providing on-site training for this classroom based course.

Aims and Objectives
The course is designed for everyone who would like to understand the requirements imposed by the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 on an employer in respect of work equipment shall apply to such equipment provided for use or used by an employee of his at work.

Delegate Eligibility / Entry Requirements
This course will be discussing the requirements of PUWER Regulations and is therefore designed for candidates within a managerial / supervisory role or operatives of a senior level.

Legality – Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)
These Regulations, often abbreviated to PUWER, place duties on people and companies who own, operate or have control over work equipment. PUWER also places responsibilities on businesses and organisations whose employees use work equipment, whether owned by them or not.

PUWER requires that equipment provided for use at work is:
● suitable for the intended use
● safe for use, maintained in a safe condition and inspected to ensure it is correctly installed and does not subsequently deteriorate
● used only by people who have received adequate information, instruction and training
● accompanied by suitable health and safety measures, such as protective devices and controls. These will normally include emergency stop devices, adequate means of isolation from sources of energy, clearly visible markings and warning devices
● used in accordance with specific requirements, for mobile work equipment and power presses
Some work equipment is subject to other health and safety legislation in addition to PUWER. For example, lifting equipment must also meet the requirements of LOLER, pressure equipment must meet the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations and personal protective equipment must meet the PPE Regulations.

Course Duration
The PUWER training course ratios are
6 Candidates: 1 Instructor, Duration: 1 Day

Course Content
● Citation and commencement
● Interpretation
● Application.
● Suitability of work equipment
● Maintenance
● Inspection.
● Specific risks
● Information and instructions
● Training
● Conformity with Community requirements
● Dangerous parts of machinery
● Protection against specified hazards
● High or very low temperature
● Controls for starting or making a significant change in operating conditions
● Stop controls
● Emergency stop controls
● Controls
● Control systems
● Isolation from sources of energy
● Stability
● Lighting.
● Maintenance operations
● Markings
● Warnings.
● Employees carried on mobile work equipment
● Rolling over of mobile work equipment
● Overturning of lift trucks
● Self-propelled work equipment
● Remote-controlled self-propelled work equipment
● Drive shafts

Course Requirements
A room for the theory session

Certification & Validation
This PUWER training course is certificated as a Kentra card. We are a registered training provider and our cards are suitable for the HSE and insurances. Our instructor will take the candidates picture on the day of training, which will appear on their ID cards.

Candidates successfully completing this course will receive one of the following:
● Kentra Training course validation and plastic (credit card size) ID card

PUWER Training Course

Additional Information
In addition to our on-site training Kentra are in the unique position to be able to offer on-line courses, full details are available on our on-line website www.kentraonline.com

We also have a dedicated News page to keep you up to date with information from the industry and training news.

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