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Kentra Training provide a wide selection of Lifting Operation courses, including this Lorry Loader training course. We specialise in providing on-site training and this course is delivered using a mixture of both classroom based tutorial and practical machine operating, testing and a final course assessment.

Aims and Objectives
To provide the practical skills and the operating safety knowledge necessary for operators to correctly prepare, safely operate and maintain a Lorry Loader.

Learning Outcomes
● To have a basic understanding of the dangers and their responsibilities as an operator
● To be able to locate and identify the major components and key controls of the machine and explain their functions
● Conduct all pre-operational checks, identify PPE appropriate for Lorry Loader use and prepare the Lorry Loader ready for operation
● Configure the vehicle and loader crane ready for travel
● Manoeuvre the vehicle safely across varying terrain in open and confined areas
● Conduct all necessary safety checks at the work area
● Manoeuvre the machine to the work area and correctly configure in readiness to carry out lifting duties
● Correctly deploy the stabilisers according to stated manufacturers specifications
● Comply with all requirements for rated capacity indicators or load moment indicators
● Identify weights and centres of gravity of loads to be used
● Carry out lifting operations using the full capabilities of the loader crane
● Position loads accurately at designated locations including onto and from the vehicle
● Identify, fit and remove various attachments and lifting accessories as appropriate
● Minimise load swing and ensure load security on the vehicle
● Carry out all end of shift and shut down procedures

Delegate Eligibility / Entry Requirements
This course is designed for candidates of all abilities. We can assist candidates with any learning difficulties or where English may not be their first language, please mention when booking a course.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) ‘All people using equipment at work must be adequately trained to ensure health and safety in its use, supervision or management. … People should be competent for the work they undertake. Training – along with knowledge, experience and skill – helps develop such competence. However, competence may (in some cases) necessarily include medical fitness and physical / mental aptitude for the activity.’

Course Duration
The Lorry Loader training course ratios are
Novice course: 3 Candidates: 1 Machine: 1 Instructor: 1-2 Days
Refresher and Test: 3 Candidates: 1 Machine: 1 Instructor: 1 Day
Experienced Worker Test (EWT): 4 Candidates: 1 Machine: 1 Instructor: 1 Day

EWT 3+3 test combinations are available for this category (i.e. 3 tests on a Lorry Loader and 3 Slinger tests in one day).
A full list of machines available on this combination is available upon request, just Contact us.

Test timings : Full test must be completed within 1 hour 20 minute duration.

Course Content
● Responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and other relevant legislation and guidelines
● Pre-Operational Checks
● Area/Sire Checks
● Load safety
● Safe Load Indicator
● Loading/Unloading at various heights and distances
● Attachments
● Transportation
● End of Shift Checks

● Clamshell Bucket
● Crane Swivel Hook
● Brick / Block clamp
● Vehicle lifting frame

The host vehicle and the crane must be certified
Loads to be landed within 100 mm of the designated landing point
Hand signals to conform with BS7121 (see Slinger)
A means of maintaining a safe zone and avoid pedestrian / traffic near the lifting activities

Course Requirements
A room for the theory session and a safe area for the practical session.
The Instructor is required to see the LOLER certificate for all equipment used for the practical sessions before commencement of the course.
Representative Loads
Any attachments which you would like testing on.
All machines to be in good working order.

Certification & Validation
This Lorry Loader training course can be registered with our awarding body or certificated as a Kentra card. We are a registered training provider and our cards are suitable for the HSE and insurances. Our instructor will take the candidates picture on the day of training, which will appear on their ID cards.

Candidates successfully completing this course will receive one of the following:
● Kentra Training course validation and plastic (credit card size) ID card
● NPORS registration and plastic ID card N107 Lorry Loader training course
If NPORS is required we will need to notify them prior to the course, so please mention this when booking.

Lorry Loader training course

Additional Information
In addition to our on-site training Kentra are in the unique position to be able to offer on-line courses, full details are available on our on-line website www.kentraonline.com

We also have a dedicated News page to keep you up to date with information from the industry and training news.

If you would like to discuss this Lorry Loader training course or any other details please Contact us.

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