How to achieve an NPORS Operator Card

14th February 2018

How to achieve an NPORS Operator Card

The achievement of an NPORS Operator Card is a straightforward process as outlined below. The process is designed to ensure that candidates follow the correct path to achievement, but at the same time offering employers a credible, flexible and cost effective alternative plant operator card.


NPORS training and testing is conducted in accordance with published course objectives and learning outcomes which are derived from the National Occupational Standards. Employers, once they have assessed the suitability of a person for the role of plant operator will then decide which route their candidate should follow i.e. novice operator, experienced operator requiring training or experienced operator requiring no training. Kentra Training, a NPORS Accredited Training Provider (ATP) can complete a pre-assessment of the operator to determine the level of training if required.

Traditional 5 year NPORS Operator Card Pathway

NPORS operator card


NPORS Operator Card with CSCS logo

Alternatively, operators can be issued with a 2 year NPORS / CSCS card, the initial assessment of the candidates and testing is the same. Upon completion of the course we would apply for the NPORS CSCS card on the pathway detailed below.  Candidates require a Health and Safety touch screen test, taken within the last 2 years upon application.

NPORS operator card

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