NPORS Operator Cards

13th March 2018

NPORS Operator Cards

At Kentra Training we operate the MyNPORS online card processing system. As one of the few training providers in the area with access to this system, this means we can have your training details uploaded the very same afternoon as your training.

Once processed your training details will be live on the NPORS Card Checker web-page, a 7 day NPORS cover note is usually received by email within the hour, which we can then forward on to you. As your evidence until your official card is received.

The NPORS operator cards printing process usually takes about 3 – 5 days, and your card will be sent straight out to you.

We have been asked by operators about a delay in this turnaround and here are a few of the main reasons why your card may take slightly longer to reach you…

  1.  The invoice for the training remains outstanding, NPORS cards are only processed upon receipt of payment.
  2. A program of training may have been arranged and the NPORS cards will be applied for at the end of this program, to minimise the number of NPORS card registrations and therefore costs required.
  3. They are being kept by your Employer for safekeeping, as the bill payer the cards would be sent to them.
  4. If you work for a large organisation, the cards may have been passed to the HR department first to keep your training records up to date, before being sent onto you.
  5. Again, if you work for a large organisation the cards may need to go to a different branch before being forwarded onto the operator.
  6. They are being kept by your Employer until you have paid for the training, this maybe an agreement that you have signed prior to the training being provided.
  7. Operators can have their CSCS Touch Screen test details applied to the Traditional NPORS card as a hologram on the front.  For NPORS /CSCS cards the touch screen test taken within the last 2 years is a mandatory requirement, problems with the touch screen test details can cause delays with applications.
  8. If there were a number of candidates on your course, the NPORS cards will be applied for as a multiple application. If there is an issue with one candidates registration this may impact upon the processing of the whole application and cause a delay.
  9. NPORS may have rejected the application, this maybe due to a number of reasons: the photo may not be of a suitable quality, date of birth maybe incorrect or illegible, details provided do not correspond with information already held on the NPORS system, or information is missing i.e. National Insurance number.
  10. The operator cards may have been lost in the post.


NPORS Operator Cards

Prior to all our courses we do request that operators have the following information to hand on the training day, as this information forms part of our paperwork and the NPORS operator cards application-

  • For Refresher and Test courses – a copy of their old certificate, doesn’t matter how old or who they did the course with, as proof of prior testing.
  • Their National Insurance number to complete the paperwork on the training day.
  • If the candidates have a current NPORS card, we will require the number to be able to update their record – if this is not provided, NPORS will set up a new application and existing categories will not be transferred.
  • As mentioned above we can also apply to have the ‘H&S tested’ hologram included on the candidates NPORS card, if the candidates have completed the touch screen Health and Safety test a copy of the test certificate is as evidence if this is required.   The touch screen test is a mandatory requirement for the NPORS CSCS card taken within the last two years.


We hope that you have found this news article ‘NPORS Operator Cards’ helpful and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

From The Kentra Training Team.

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