On-line Courses

11th April 2018

On-line Courses by Kentra Training 

We are very excited to launch our new venture, Kentra Training’s very own  on-line courses…  unlike many other companies we have designed and produced these courses, using the expert knowledge of our two senior tutors, who have a combined knowledge of over 35 years experience in this training industry.

Our on-line courses will provide you with a fast, efficient and convenient way to complete your training. There is no simpler way to learn.

Kentra Training is now in a unique position to be able to offer both on-line courses and practical assessments which can be completed together, giving the candidate the most comprehensive training package available.

By specialising in both on-line and on-site training we can offer you the most comprehensive of options, delivering a first class and fair-priced training service.

At Kentra Training, we understand that not everyone always has the available time to commit to attending training courses, or sometimes doesn’t have the right qualifications, despite having on the job experience.

Our new on-line course’s allow you to pick the training and then study at your own rate and at a time that’s convenient for you. The process is simple:

on-line courses on-line courses on-line courses on-line courses

We believe all companies need to be flexible and we strive to provide this to every customer by adapting to your individual needs, wherever feasible, in order to provide the very best tailored service.

For more info!

For more information on our on-line training courses please visit our website kentraonline.com or you can use the link at the top of our home page.

Remember safety doesn’t happen by accident!

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