Pedestrian Towing Tractor Training

9th February 2018

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Pedestrian Towing Tractor Training

We recently had an enquiry from one of our customers, they had purchased an Electric Tug and carriages for use in their warehouse and factory stores.  Our tutor Norman, designed and tailored a course for the Pedestrian Towing Tractor Training and delivered the first pilot course yesterday, on-site at their factory in Congleton, Cheshire. 

The clients course feedback was brilliant,   “Can you please pass on my thanks to Norman for a superb session today, the feedback has been even better than I anticipated.”  We now look forward to rolling our this training program to all the warehouse staff. 

Pedestrian Towing Tractor Training

The ‘Pedestrian Towing Tractor Training’ covered a presentation and theory session, following by practical session with full use of the Tug and carriages, maneuvering through the stores and warehouse on the designated routes.

Pedestrian Towing Tractor Training

This Pedestrian Towing Tractor Training, or Electric Tug as our clients call it, is ideal for moving the rolling cages that they use in their warehouse.  It gives the operator a ‘hands off’ way of maneuvering a loaded cage, reducing the chance of hand injuries and crucially, because the tug pulls the roll cage low down on the body of the cage, it is more stable than pushing a cage at the top.  It also reduces the need for a banksman, with one person able to tow the carriage with the use of the tug. It is also ideal for use in confined spaces.

At Kentra Training we love new challenges, so if you have a machine and you can’t find the training course on our website please Contact us, because we still might be able to assist you.

We deliver over 100 different training courses, and are pleased to be able to add this Pedestrian Towing Tractor Training to our portfolio, along with other similar machines such as the Tow Tractor and Pallet Stacker Trucks.

Warm regards The Kentra Team.

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