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Dangers of Vibrating Tools

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Kentra Training provide a wide selection of Tool Safety courses, including this HAVS Training Course. We specialise in providing on-site training and this course is delivered using a mixture of both classroom based tutorial and practical machine operating, testing and a final course assessment.

Aims and Objectives
The HAVS Training Course is designed to highlighting the dangers from vibrating tools and Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (also know as vibration white finger).

Learning Outcomes
● To have a basic understanding of the dangers and their responsibilities as an operator
● Operatives to know how to safely use their basic hand tools and how to take care of them.
● The hazards of Vibrating tools, including Vibration white finger
● Identify the correct PPE appropriate for operation

Delegate Eligibility / Entry Requirements
This course is designed for candidates of all abilities. We can assist candidates with any learning difficulties or where English may not be their first language, please mention when booking a course.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advise that by law, as an employer, you must assess and identify measures to eliminate or reduce risks from exposure to hand-arm vibration so that you can protect your employees from risks to their health.

Where the risks are low, the actions you take may be simple and inexpensive, but where the risks are high, you should manage them using a prioritised action plan to control exposure to hand-arm vibration.

Where required, ensure that:
Control measures to reduce vibration are properly applied; and
You provide information, training and health surveillance.
Review what you are doing if anything changes that may affect exposures to vibration where you work.

Course Duration
The HAVS training course ratios are
6 Candidates: 1 Instructor, Duration: 1 Day

Course Content
● Health and Safety Act 1974 and other relevant legislation
● Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (vibration white finger).  What health effects can it cause?  What effects do these symptoms have?
● Pre Shift checks
● Engineering, Construction, Forestry, Maintenance persons Power and Hand Tools. Cutting / Boring Holes.  Securing / Fixing of Equipment / Pipe work etc.
● Vibration Exposure Limits.

Vibrating tools normally used by the candidates

Course Requirements
A room for the theory session and a safe area for the practical session.
Candidates will be expected to provide their own PPE including hearing, leg and eye protection, helmet and gloves. Safety Boots or steel toe-capped boots.

Certification & Validation
This HAVS training course is certificated as a Kentra card. We are a registered training provider and our cards are suitable for the HSE and insurances. Our instructor will take the candidates picture on the day of training, which will appear on their ID cards.

Candidates successfully completing this course will receive one of the following:
● Kentra Training course validation and plastic (credit card size) ID card

HAVS Training Course

Additional Information
In addition to our on-site training Kentra are in the unique position to be able to offer on-line courses, full details are available on our on-line website www.kentraonline.com including the Kentra training On-line HAVS training programme.

We also have a dedicated News page to keep you up to date with information from the industry and training news. We feature the latest publications from the HSE in addition to our own informative articles relating to training. Related articles include: Hand Arm Vibrations, highlighting the dangers, causes and things to watch out for, in addition to some helpful links to the HSE website and a Vibration calculator.

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