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Vehicle Marshall is a must have…

8th June 2016

Vehicle Marshall is a must have…. 

The recent publication from IIRSM issue 06/2016 documents prosecutions of two blue chip companies, following unrelated accidents with their vehicles and members of the public.

Segregation of vehicles and pedestrians, together with the use of a Vehicle Marshall may have helped prevent these types of incidents, by ensuring that the drivers were not reversing blind. Failure to ensure that all vehicle movements, together with loading and unloading activities, are carried out in a safe manner and in a safe area, can result in serious injury or a fatality as documented.

Slipping and falling whilst carrying out loading and unloading is another common form of an accident. This was highlighted as a contributing factor in the death of the individual. He had been loading planks of wood onto the roof rack of his Land Rover, when one of the straps he was using snapped and he fell backwards. He was then run over by a vehicle driving in the yard and later died from his injuries.

All work of this nature should be the subject of a risk assessment and a safe system of work implemented. It is not just members of the public who are at risk from moving vehicles. More details are available on the Vehicle Marshall webpage by clicking HERE.

Vehicle Marshall is a must have

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