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Woodworking Machinery

2nd September 2015

“The woodworking industry has one of the highest accident rates in manufacturing, most of which are caused by contact with moving woodworking machinery.

This accounted for 25% of all major accidents and one of last year’s two deaths in the woodworking industry.” 

The HSE now have a dedicated page with more information regarding the risks relating to wood-working machinery detailed on this HSE Wood-working webpage.

At Kentra we have been providing wood-working courses for a number of years, the course can be tailored to your specific requirements by our tutors, please have a look at our various webpages for Woodworking courses  or alternatively we also deliver specialised courses for small plant and portable tools, which is a unique course, developed with the Awarding Body National Plant (

We therefore have many options available and have an understanding and knowledge that provides our clients with a confidence in our services. Just drop us a line and we will be happy to assist you.

Woodworking Machinery



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