Latest dates for Open Courses in 2022

Throughout the year we run open courses at our Training Centre in Middlewich, these vary from Abrasive wheels courses, to Counterbalance Lift Truck.  We also have a purpose built and Awarding Body approved Confined Space area, which is a lot better than crawling around in some of the Confined spaces.

The next courses we have coming up are :

N019 Report of Thorough Examination

1 day refresher course – Thursday 20th October 2022

£275.00 per person plus VAT, inclusive of NPORS 5 year registration

Open Courses in 2022

Report of Thorough Examination if the official name for what many call the LOLER course.

This course will give persons attending the knowledge and the skills to be proficient in the assessment and inspection of small lifting equipment and accessories and be able to complete a Thorough Examination Inspection report.

The Variations of Lifting Accessories include items such as slings, Shackles, Hooks, Wire rope, Clamps, Trolleys, Grabs, Beams.

Variations of Small Lifting Equipment can include Snatch block/ Gin wheels, Pull-lifts / lever hoists, Hoists /runways, Tirfor type pull / lift machine, Manual chain blocks, Tripod & winch, Fall protection equipment, Safety harness / lanyards / fall arrest blocks.

But the course is not limited to these items, so if there is anything you use and don’t see it in the list, just drop us a message and we can check if it can be covered.


N702 Confined Spaces – Medium Risk

1 day Refresher and Test – Thursday 27th October 2022

£195.00 per person plus VAT, inclusive of NPORS 5 year registration

Confined Spaces Training

To have a basic understanding of the industry, the dangers of working in a Medium Risk confined spaces and to be able to enter and traverse a confined space individually and as part of a team in a trained, competent manner.

Typical environments for a Medium Risk Confined Space include but are not restricted to unobstructed; chambers, manholes, wet wells, vertical shafts and tanks/vessels or any area that require horizontal entry.

For more details please get in touch.

In-house instructor course

3 day In-house instructor course, Tuesday 1st to Thursday 3rd November 2022

£1,250.00 per person plus VAT, inclusive of Kentra Training ID Card

For more details please contact us.



NPORS are our Awarding Body, founded in 1992 they stand firm on the principles it was founded on; supporting industry, regulated training and testing, consistent improvement, equal opportunities and transparency about how they work. Since it’s beginnings, NPORS has continued to progress to be a trusted and recognised name in the training industry, offering employers a credible training alternative. For more information please visit their website

Open Courses in 2022

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Open Courses in 2022