This series of short blogs is looking at the A to Z of courses we do. We are up to the middle of M’s and now onto the MEWP Boom – I must admit after the Compact cranes the MEWP’s are my favourite machines, they are so versatile pieces of equipment.

Training and testing for the Boom is available in two different variations.

1B which are Static Boom’s – either trailer, van or lorry mounted, even spider lifts.  But this variation can not drive elevated.

3B which are the Mobile Boom’s and this type can drive elevated under their own power.

For more details, see over on our Lifting Operations page or the MEWP Boom syllabus.


Course ratio for MEWP Boom

The course durations, training and testing ratios are

Novice operators : 1 day  : for up to 4 candidates  : 1 instructor

Refresher and Tests :  1 day : for up to 4 candidates  : 1 instructor

Experienced Worker Tests : 1 day : for up to 6 candidates  : 1 instructor

A special combination of tests is also available for EWT’s where we can test more than one variation or mix with a MEWP Scissor up to 6 tests in total.

Compact Crane


Upon successful completion of the course the candidates will received a Kentra Training ID card (credit card size) detailing the course completed.

In addition, we have the option to register the training with our Awarding Body NPORS.   If your candidates are working offsite or on other peoples premises a recognised Awarding Body membership maybe advantageous. Prior to training we would apply to NPORS to register the course and upon successful completion of the course we would apply for the candidates 5 year membership with the NPORS scheme.


Training location

At Kentra we have always provided on-site training, coming to you and delivering the training in your own space using the equipment you are used to using.

A room for the theory session and a safe area for the practical session, using the machine.

The MEWP must have a platform height of at least 5 metres and a horizontal reach of 3  metres.

The maximum clearance for the restriction should be the width of the MEWP Boom plus 500mm.

Travel distance with the boom raised must be at least 10m.

LOLER certification if applicable.

Delegates will be expected to provide their own PPE, which should include a harness.

All equipment to be in good working order.

To provide an alternative we opened our Training Centre in October 2018, and have achieved NPORS accreditation, meaning that you can come to us and we can register the training with the awarding body if required.

How we can help

Speaking of help, at Kentra we like to assist our clients with helping to arrange your training needs.  We have customers from all walks of life, self employed lone workers to multi national blue chip companies and its a pleasure to talk to you all.   If you would like more information about the courses we offer, click HERE for a link to our brochure or please  get in touch and let us help you though.

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Awarding Body – NPORS Ltd

N108 Official NPORS MEWP Boom Training

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