Mastering the Greens with Golf Buggy NPORS ATV Sit in Training 

Whether you are driving the Sit in ATV on the greens, or to get around farm, unlock the full potential of your ATV experience through our comprehensive Training program. Designed for both novices and seasoned golf enthusiasts, this training offers a unique blend of safety protocols, operational mastery, and on-course techniques.

Why Training for the ATV Sit in?

ATV’s are more than just convenient means of transportation. Our training program is tailored to enhance your driving experience by providing:

  1. Safety First:
    • Learn and practice essential safety measures to ensure a secure and enjoyable ride.
  2. Optimal Operation:
    • Master the art of smoothly navigating your golf buggy, understanding controls, and maneuvering with finesse.
  3. Course Etiquette:
    • Acquire insights into proper golf course etiquette, including speed control, yielding to pedestrians, and respecting the environment.
  4. Maintenance Tips:
    • Gain practical knowledge on maintaining your golf buggy to keep it in top condition, ensuring reliability during every round or work day.
What the Training Covers:
  1. Basic Operation Skills:
    • Familiarize yourself with the controls, steering, and braking systems of the golf buggy.
  2. Safety Protocols:
    • Understand and adhere to safety guidelines specific to ATV use, including speed limits and proper parking.
  3. On-Course Techniques:
    • Explore advanced techniques for navigating the golf course efficiently, considering various terrains and obstacles, essential for safe Farm use.
  4. Emergency Handling:
    • Learn how to respond to unexpected situations on the course with confidence and composure.

Summer 2023 Newsletter

Benefits of ATV Training and Testing:
  1. Enhanced Golf Experience:
    • Elevate your enjoyment of the game by confidently navigating the course with your golf buggy.
  2. Safety Assurance:
    • Reduce the risk of accidents and ensure a safe coexistence with other golfers on the course.
  3. Skill Development:
    • Hone your skills, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, and become a more proficient golf buggy operator.

All the NPORS courses consist of a theory session, which for novice courses include full training and presentation.  Refresher and test courses are just a recap of training, any changes in legislation, or updates on new regulations etc. whereas Experienced Workers Tests are straight in to the theory test consisting of 5 questions to answer in full and 20 multiple choice. The theory test required pass mark is 80%.

For full course details and syllabus, please follow this LINK.

NPORS ATV Quad Bike Training


So why use Kentra Training?  As many of you know Kentra was established in 1997 by Norman Kennish. Straight away the company registered with NPORS as a training provider. Our registration is number 66 and as such we are now one of the longest serving TP’s with them, delivering nearly 100 different training courses, including our own unique NPORS Small Plant and Portable Tools course and also the NPORS ATV Sit In Training, which is what this blog is about.

Arranging a course

Arranging training with us is simple, contact us through the webpage , email the office on   or give us a call on 01606 832 556 and we can talk you through the different options available.     It really couldn’t be easier to trained as competent operator, we are waiting to help you.