NPORS Card Renewals

NPORS offer renewals to its operators because the first training course completed triggers the operators card expiry date, therefore any subsequent training would be added to the same membership but the expiry date on the card would not change. This gives the opportunity to be able to renew the operator’s membership in order to receive the full term of the training.

Kentra Training have always supplied the NPORS card renewals to our customers, provided assistance in their completion and application process.   We have taken the decision to pass the renewals back to NPORS, so with effect from 1st March 2021, all future renewals will be forwarded to NPORS members directly.  We will of course still be able to help in general, and if as a company you would like us to obtain your employee renewals, we can do this for you and help to apply for the application.

We can still accept payment for NPORS card renewals through our PayPal button, £35.00 plus VAT.


Completed forms and candidate pictures can be emailed directly to the office using the email address

If you would like to discuss the NPORS scheme, NPORS card renewals or any other training details please do not hesitate to give us a call or email. Warm regards The Kentra Training Team

NPORS card renewals