Official N140 NPORS Compact Crane Training 
Lifting Expertise to New Heights: The Art of Compact Spider Crane Training

In the dynamic world of construction and lifting, mastering the operation of compact or spider cranes is akin to wielding a precision instrument. Whether you’re an industry professional or an aspiring operator, our Compact Spider Crane Training opens the door to a realm of lifting capabilities. Join us as we elevate your understanding of why this training is indispensable, what it encompasses, and the transformative benefits it brings to the world of heavy lifting.

Why Compact Spider Crane Training Matters:
  1. Precision in Every Lift:
    • Unleash the full potential of compact spider cranes with training that emphasizes precise control and maneuverability, ensuring accurate lifts in confined spaces.
  2. Safety Above All:
    • Prioritize safety with a comprehensive program that instills best practices for crane operation, reducing the risk of accidents and fostering a secure work environment.
  3. Versatility Unleashed:
    • Discover the versatility of compact spider cranes and how proper training enables operators to navigate diverse job sites and handle a variety of lifting challenges.
  4. Efficiency Amplified:
    • Elevate lifting efficiency by acquiring skills that optimize crane performance, streamline operations, and contribute to project timelines.

NPORS Compact Crane Training

What Compact Spider Crane Training Covers:
  1. Crane Familiarization:
    • Delve into the intricate details of compact spider cranes, understanding the functions, controls, and capabilities that make them an indispensable asset on the job.
  2. Safety Standards:
    • Learn and apply safety protocols specific to compact spider crane operation, emphasizing risk assessment, hazard recognition, and emergency response.
  3. Operational Techniques:
    • Master the art of lifting, slewing, and traveling with precision, ensuring that every movement is executed with accuracy and control.
  4. Maintenance Essentials:
    • Acquire hands-on knowledge of routine maintenance tasks, empowering you to keep your compact spider crane in optimal working condition.
NPORS Compact Crane Training
Benefits of Compact Spider Crane Training:
  1. Safety Culture Reinforcement:
    • Cultivate a workplace environment where safety is ingrained in every lift, fostering confidence in operators and peace of mind for the entire team.
  2. Operational Excellence:
    • Boost operational efficiency by equipping operators with the skills needed to tackle a wide range of lifting scenarios with confidence and precision.
  3. Reduced Downtime:
    • Minimize equipment downtime through proactive maintenance practices, ensuring that your compact spider crane is always ready for the next lift.

NPORS Compact Crane Training

NPORS Compact Crane Training and Testing

All the NPORS courses consist of a theory session, which for novice courses include full training and presentation.  Refresher and test courses are just a recap of training, any changes in legislation, or updates on new regulations etc. whereas Experienced Workers Tests are straight in to the theory test consisting of 5 questions to answer in full and 20 multiple choice. The theory test required pass mark is 80%.

For full course details and syllabus, please follow this LINK.

NPORS 360 Excavator Training

So why use Kentra Training?  As many of you know Kentra was established in 1997 by Norman Kennish. Straight away the company registered with NPORS as a training provider. Our registration is number 66 and as such we are now one of the longest serving TP’s with them, delivering nearly 100 different training courses, including our own unique NPORS Small Plant and Portable Tools course and also the NPORS Compact Crane Training, which is what this blog is about.

Arranging a course

Arranging training with us is simple, contact us through the webpage , email the office on   or give us a call on 01606 832 556 and we can talk you through the different options available.  Elevate your lifting capabilities with our comprehensive Compact Spider Crane Training program. Whether you’re stepping into the world of heavy lifting or aiming to refine your skills, this NPORS Compact Crane Training is your pathway to excellence in crane operation. It really couldn’t be easier to trained as competent operator, we are waiting to help you.