The official name for the LOLER inspection Training course is NPORS N019 Report of Thorough Examination.

Course: Report of Thorough Examination

This course will give persons attending the knowledge and the skills to be proficient in the assessment and inspection of small lifting equipment and accessories and be able to complete a Thorough Examination Inspection report.

The Variations of Lifting Accessories include items such as:

Slings, Shackles, Hooks, Wire rope, Clamps, Trolleys, Grabs, Beams.

Variations of Small Lifting Equipment can include

Snatch blocks, Gin wheels, Pull-lifts or lever hoists, Hoists, runways, Tirfor type pull or lift machine, Manual chain blocks, Tripod & winch, Fall protection equipment, Safety harness, Lanyards, Fall arrest blocks.

The course is not limited to these items, so if you use any different items just drop us line and we can check to see if this course can accommodate the equipment.

LOLER Inspection Training


2 days


Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th June 2024


Kentra Training Centre, W1 Sherriff House, WO Sheeran Trading Estate, Nantwich Road, Middlewich, Cheshire CW10 0LH

Our location can also be found on

LOLER Inspection Training

Cost of the course:

£345.00 per person

Awarding Body certification:

NPORS registration and administration is included.  This is a 5 year membership and operator ID card upon completion of the course.

All prices are plus VAT

Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to issue your own 6 monthly Reports of Thorough Examination for small lifting equipment and accessories.

LOLER Inspection Training

LOLER Inspection Training Course requirements:

We will provide the equipment and accessories for the course, however if you wish to bring your own PPE this is perfectly fine to do so.

Candidates clothing should be suitable for practical use of the equipment, including Safety Boots.


LOLER Inspection Training

Travel & Accommodation:

Train stations – Main hub is Crewe, however the closest ones are Sandbach or Holmes Chapel.

Taxi we would recommend AK Taxi (a local Middlewich company)  01606 836 551 mobile 07740 444 294 Andy


Accommodation:  There are quite a few local hotels and B&B’s in town   is really close, on a farm and is rural but nice

In the centre of town is the Boars Head pub or Kinderton House Hotel  has just be renovated.

Or if you would like a big name there is a Travel lodge in town too.

If you travel by train and are staying at one of these hotels / B&B’s our instructor would be happy to give you a lift, to and from the accommodation on the course days.

LOLER Inspection Training

So why use Kentra Training?  As many of you know Kentra was established in 1997 by Norman Kennish. Straight away the company registered with NPORS as a training provider. Our registration is number 66 and as such we are now one of the longest serving TP’s with them, delivering nearly 100 different training courses, including our own unique NPORS Small Plant and Portable Tools course and also the NPORS LOLER Inspection Training, which is what this blog is about.

Arranging a course

Arranging training with us is simple, contact us through the webpage , email the office on   or give us a call on 01606 832 556 and we can talk you through the different options available. LOLER Inspection Training is a valuable tool for your staff to be able to assess and certificate small lifting equipment and accessories quickly as easily, saving you money and time. Gain Comprehensive Knowledge and Practical Skills to Ensure Compliance and Safety Standards in Lifting Operations. Enroll Now!” 🏗️👷‍♂️    It really couldn’t be easier to trained as competent operator, we are waiting to help you.