Lot’s of R’s to get through in our series of short blogs looking at the A to Z of courses we do, the first R is for Reach Truck.  Reach Trucks are forklifts used in narrow aisle applications, such as warehouses. They are designed to have two outer legs that help distribute the load and a single set of wheels in the back. The wheels are located below the operator, which helps create a tighter turn radius. While forklifts are better suited for moving heavier objects at minimal heights, reach trucks are optimal for lifting lighter materials to increased elevations.

The side-seat position gives the operator a clearer view of the forks than would be achieved otherwise.  We have a few visual aids in the office to help the office staff, and on the window ledge is a row of toy lift trucks, including a Reach with side forks.

Reach Truck

Course ratios – Reach Truck

The course durations, training and testing ratios are

Novices : 1 – 5 days for 3 Delegates

Refresher & Test : 1 day, up to 3 delegates

Experienced Worker Tests (EWT) : 1 day for up to 4 delegates.

Here is a link to the course blog, containing all the information you need to know about the training we can offer.

NPORS N003 Reach Truck – ABA Groupings

A7 Pedestrian Reach

A8 Rider Stand on Reach

D1 Reach & Straddle trucks 3 – 8m lift

D2 Reach & Straddle trucks over 8m lift

Reach Truck


Upon successful completion of the course the candidates will received a Kentra Training ID card (credit card size) detailing the course completed.

In addition, we have the option to register the training with our Awarding Body NPORS. www.npors.com   If your candidates are working offsite or on other peoples premises a recognised Awarding Body membership maybe advantageous. Prior to training we would apply to NPORS to register the course and upon successful completion of the course we would apply for the candidates 5 year membership with the NPORS scheme.

Training locations

At Kentra we have always provided on-site training, coming to you and delivering the training in your own space.

A room for the theory session and a safe area for the practical session with use of the Reach Truck.

3 palletised loads.

None mandatory elements

Attachments on site if they require these on their certification.

External Transport such as Lorry / Van / Trailer etc if assessment on loading and unloading if applicable.

LOLER certification required.

All equipment to be in good working order.

Reach Truck

How we can help

Speaking of help, at Kentra we like to assist our clients with helping to arrange your training needs.  We have customers from all walks of life, self employed lone workers to multi national blue chip companies and its a pleasure to talk to you all.   If you would like more information about the courses we offer, click HERE for a link to our brochure or please  get in touch and let us help you though.

The Kentra Training Team

01606 832 556.

Reach Truck

Established Feb 1997 – Proud to be celebrating 25 years delivering quality training.

Our Awarding Body is National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS)

More details on Lift Truck courses

We have also written a couple of blogs about general lift truck courses Lets talk Forklift Truck Training and What we do – Part 1 Lift Truck Training  both these blogs contain more information about the training available with us.