Update:   We have emails again! A huge thank you to Simon and Brad at Acrylic for getting us connected again.

Sorry everyone, we have no emails at the moment.    As some of you may know, following an update by BT on Friday 17th February our emails stopped downloading.  I thought Friday was fantastic and after a really quite afternoon went off to have a lovely weekend blissfully unaware of the problems unfolding.   Last week was a nightmare, we eventually managed to gain remote access to the emails – so they may have looked a bit strange but at least we were contactable.

We went for the change over last night…..    eeek no emails!!  BT have restricted access and we can’t make the final couple of changes to move the emails over to the new server.   I’m not technical at all and very grateful for all the hard work, Simon and everyone at Acrylic for helping us to get things working again.   But for the moment we do not have access to our emails, if you need us please give us a call on 01606 832 556.

Thanks Emma

The Kentra Training Team

01606 832 556.

No email

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