What is an NPORS operator?

An NPORS operator is someone who has undergone testing and or assessment on an NPORS registered course.

The NPORS Operator Card is a record of the training or assessment an individual has undertaken proving their ability to safely operate a specific item of plant machinery or equipment.

Who are NPORS?

NPORS or National Plant Operators Registration Scheme, are an Awarding Body – a training registration or membership scheme – and were established in 1992. They describe themselves as one of the UK’s leading accreditation and registration bodies, working across the construction, industrial, utilities, warehousing and distribution, agricultural, ports and marine sectors.

NPORS training and testing is carried out in line with published course objectives and learning outcomes derived from the National Occupational Standards.

We have also written a blog called ‘What does NPORS stand for‘ giving a greater insight into NPORS and the history of the company.

Different Types of NPORS registration cards

There are two different types of NPORS registration cards

The traditional card

Registration with NPORS lasts for three or five years from the date of first initial test. At Kentra we always apply for the 5 year card to get you the most for your registration.


In line with the Government Strategy for Construction for a single logo that card schemes can work to, and as a result of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) decision to award the single logo status to CSCS, the NPORS Construction Operator Card is issued according to the requirements stipulated by the CLC and displays the CSCS logo.

Candidates initially start with a NPORS CSCS trained operator card lasting 2 years. (Red Card) During these 2 years the delegate will be required to complete an NVQ for all the relevant categories.

Once completed we can submit the NVQs and the candidates can progress to the NPORS CSCS blue 5 year competent operator card.


NPORS operator

Do you need CSCS

CSCS is recommended for operators working on major construction sites.  Most people in construction are familiar with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme cards. The card provides proof  that individuals working on construction sites have the appropriate training and qualifications for the job they do on-site.

However, not everyone is aware that there are over 30 different card schemes displaying the CSCS logo. These are know as the CSCS partner card schemes and they represent the many specialist occupations such as plant, demolition, plumbing and scaffolding. NPORS is an approved CSCS partner card scheme.

Training or Assessment

Once employers have assessed whether a person is suitable for a role, they can decide what route that person should then follow. For example a novice operator, experienced operator that requires training or even an experienced operator that doesn’t require any further training.

The course duration is dependent upon this skill level and the number of candidates for training or testing.

  • Novice candidates : this course include instructor presentation and full operator training.
  • Refresher and Test : this course is for the experienced operator that requires refresher training or if these has been an accident or incident.   The course includes an instructor presentation as above, then remedial tuition during the practical assessment to eliminate any bad habits they may have.
  • Experienced Worker Tests : this is testing only – no tuition conducted the instructor undertakes assessment only.

The achievement of an NPORS Operator Card is a straightforward process designed to ensure that candidates follow the correct path to achievement. At the same time, it offers employers a credible, flexible and cost-effective alternative plant operator card.

NPORS Renewal

Only the traditional NPORS card is available for renewal, more details regarding a card renewal are available on our blog.

Courses Available

Details of our different course are on our interactive PDF brochure,  and we have some new and exciting courses for 2021 If you would like more details on these or the services we can provide to help you become an NPORS operator please drop us a line on our ‘get in touch page‘  we look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards The Kentra Training Team.

NPORS operator


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