Which is the best NPORS operator card?    NPORS accreditation is available for all industries, and is one of the UK’s leading accreditation and registration bodies working across the construction, industrial, utilities, warehousing and distribution, agricultural, ports and marine sectors.  The simple answer is none are any better than the others, however some are more suited to the work you are doing and the various sites requirements.

Founded in 1992, NPORS is dedicated to ensuring standards of training for 100’s of courses. Their principles for supporting industry with regulated training and testing, consistent improvement, equal opportunities and transparency about how they work as still as strong today. Since it’s beginnings, NPORS has continued to progress to be a trusted and recognised name in the industry, offering employers a credible training alternative.

So what are the different card options?

NPORS (Traditional) Operator Card

For those who operate in industry sectors other than major construction sites and are therefore not subject to the requirement to hold an operator card bearing the CSCS logo, NPORS offer their traditional operator card.

The high standards of training and testing apply to the traditional card route, however there are no additional requirements for touch screen tests or VQ achievement for this NPORS operator card.

At Kentra Training we always apply for the 5-year registration, the expiry date of the operator card can either be for ‘Expiry by category’ therefore each category will expire 5 years after training or alternatively ‘Expiry by Card’ which can be most cost efficient if you have many categories, as they will all expire at the same time. The expiry date is triggered by the first training date and 5 years later you will receive directly from NPORS a renewal form, to extend this date therefore ensuring the maximum from your training.

NPORS operator card

NPORS/CSCS Construction Plant Operator Card

In line with the Government Strategy for Construction a single logo card scheme CSCS was introduced by Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and has been introduced by construction bodies including Build UK, CECA & CITB.

There are two types of NPORS/CSCS cards, an initial Red Card which gives the operator time to complete their NVQ for the relevant units of plant.  Upon completion of the NVQ the operator will progress to the 5 year Blue Competent operator card.

CITB health, safety & environmental touch screen

In both cases, operators will have to supply proof that they have passed the CITB health, safety & environmental touch screen test within two years prior to their application for the card.

NPORS use the CITB online card checker as evidence that you have the relevant touch screen test.  Here is a link to the website, its always worth checking that your details are current and available as this is the proof that NPORS require.

NPORS/CSCS – 2 Year Trained Red Operator Card

Once successfully tested operators who do not hold the requisite (S)NVQ with the units applicable to the category of plant achieved will be issued with a Trained Operator card valid for 2 years from the date they were tested. During the two year period they will be required to register for and achieve the requisite (S)NVQ with the unit credits applicable to the category(s) of plant held on their Trained Operator card.

On successful completion of this process a Competent Operator card will be issued which will be valid for 5 years from the date of application. A CPD record / operator logbook will also be issued.

NPORS operator card

NPORS/CSCS – 5 Year Competent Operator Card, for holder who have (S)NVQ Held

Once successfully tested operators who do currently hold the requisite (S)NVQ with the unit credits applicable to the categories of plant held on their NPORS card will be issued with a Competent Operator card valid for 5 years from the date they were tested. Operators in receipt of the Competent Operator card will also be issued with a CPD record / operator logbook. This will be an ongoing record of the operators continuous professional development and of their operating hours in the workplace.

NPORS operator card


Transitional NPORS/CSCS Card

Current NPORS traditional card holders can apply for a transitional NPORS/CSCS Card.  If you hold a traditional NPORS card you can apply to transition or change this into NPORS/CSCS card.

You will need to have taken the Touch Screen – CITB health, safety & environmental test within two years prior.

If you have yet to undertake the relevant NVQ you will receive a Red card, alternatively if you have the NVQ you can go straight to the NPORS/CSCS Blue Competent operator card.

It’s worth a mention, that once you have the NPORS/CSCS you can not transition back to the traditional card, you will need to retest.

Construction Site Safety Scheme

The Construction Site Safety Scheme (CSSS) is a collection of health and safety training courses covering operative, supervisor and management training. These courses have been developed to support industry by providing the understanding and expertise to manage concerns including risks and environmental matters.


  • Site Safety Awareness, 7hour (SSA)
  • Construction Site Safety Supervisor (CSSS)
  • Construction Site Safety Manger (CSSM)

All courses within the CSS Scheme have been approved and mapped by CITB allowing for grant claims and are recognised by BuildUK.


NPORS are pleased to announce that after consultation with CSCS we are now approved to issue the Occupational Work Supervisor Gold Card for Plant Supervisors.

Those who have achieved the Level 3 (S)NVQ in Occupational Work Supervision including proof that their endorsed occupation is Plant Operations are eligible to apply for the Gold card.

NPORS operator card

NPORS Operator card checker

NPORS have a search facility on their website for checking and proving your NPORS card membership and the categories you hold on your operator cards.  This facility shows both the traditional NPORS operator card and the NPORS/CSCS along with your expiry dates.

Just follow this link to the NPORS website for the card checker.

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