Here are five main benefits of safety training for your staff, these benefits all tend to work together to improve the whole safety and work environment – a happy work force is one which works together and at great efficiency for the company. Developing a positive health and safety culture, where safe and healthy working becomes second nature to everyone.

The Law

Employers are required to complete Risk Assessments on duties and tasks required and completed by their workforce. Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, you must identify situations where health and safety training is particularly important, eg when people start work, on exposure to new or increased risks and where existing skills may have become rusty or need updating.

Who needs training

Everyone who works for you, including self-employed people, needs to know how to work safely and without risks to health. Like your
supervisors, they need to know about your health and safety policy, your arrangements for implementing it, and the part they play. They also need to know how they can raise any health and safety concerns with you.

Safety training for your staff

The Benefits

Improved Competency

Training can improve the performance and competency of the workforce. Training means helping people to learn how to do something, telling people what they should or should not do, or simply giving them information. Training isn’t just about formal ‘classroom’ courses. Ensure that the demands of the job do not exceed their ability to carry out their work without risk to themselves and others.


Increased training enables your staff to be more flexible, this can pay dividends where people have to cover holidays and sickness. Especially if a shift system is used.

Fewer accidents or incidents

You can help your business avoid the distress that accidents and ill health cause, by having a system of regular training and monitoring of staff work activities. All near misses and incidents should be reported and recorded, these should be reviewed and investigated, if system reviews are required adjustments to work practices implemented to ensure future safety to the workforce.

Work efficiency

Work efficiency can be improved dramatically by regular training programs to enhance workforce competency.  Increased productivity could be a direct result, as a happier, well motivated and more efficient workforce will perform better.

Reduction in costs

Training can help you avoid the financial costs of accidents and occupational ill health, such as damaged products, lost production and demotivated staff. Don’t forget that your insurance might not cover all these costs.   This will also help you to meet your legal duty to protect the health and safety of your employees.

Safety Training For Your Staff

Safety training for your staff

Training should be reviewed at regular intervals as you should check that your training has worked, your staff are competent in their duties and safe systems of work are being used in the workplace.

Health and Safety Instructor Training

Courses are available to train members of your own staff to be competent and enable them to instruct others in health and safety operations.  There are advantages to your staff becoming safety training instructors, providing in-house training and testing as they should be well versed in the company policies and procedures, any equipment being used and the tasks being undertaken.

Kentra Training can assist with your training requirements, as we can train up to and including instructor level. Courses with our tutors can cover over 100 different types of machines, equipment and health and safety options. Our brochure contains more details of the different courses or please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone on 01606832556, we look forward to helping you.


Safety Training For Your Staff