C for Chainsaw, in our series of short blogs looking at the A to Z of training courses we do.

Okay this grossed me out when I first heard it – did you know that chainsaws were first developed to aid women with childbirth. We’re talking 1780’s before the common use of caesarian sections, when all babies had to be passed through the birth canal.  But, as we know, babies can sometimes get stuck, they maybe breech or too large. So when babies couldn’t fit or got stuck in the pelvis, parts of bone and cartridge had to be removed to create more space for the baby. This is called a “symphysiotomy” and was where the first chainsaw came in.  Ow!    So, sooo glad medicine has moved on and chainsaws have a better use.

We only recommend cutting wood and timber on our Chainsaw course, the training covers normal cross cutting, chainsaw operating and maintaining the equipment. Training you to have total confidence and expertise in what you are doing, so avoiding accidents.  Appropriate cutting techniques and safety guideline training to ensure that you are not only confident when using a chainsaw but also aware of relevant health and safety to keep you and people around you protected.


Course ratios – Chainsaw

The course durations, training and testing ratios are

Novice : Two days : for up to 4 delegates

Refresher & Test : One day for up to 4 delegates

Here is a link to the course syllabus blog, containing all the information you need to know about the training we can offer.



Upon successful completion of the course the candidates will received a Kentra Training ID card (credit card size) detailing the course completed.

In addition, we have the option to register the training with our Awarding Body NPORS. www.npors.com   If your candidates are working offsite or on other peoples premises a recognised Awarding Body membership maybe advantageous. Prior to training we would apply to NPORS to register the course and upon successful completion of the course we would apply for the candidates 5 year membership with the NPORS scheme.

NPORS Course Name :  N602 Chainsaw Cross Cutting & Maintenance

Training locations

At Kentra we have always provided on-site training, coming to you and delivering the training in your own space.  On-site training is available for the Chainsaw course, we will need a room for the theory session and a safe area for the practical session, candidates to supply a machine in good working order and items, timber or small branches to cut.

Delegates will be expected to provide their own PPE. Including Helmet, Hearing, leg, eye protection and gloves. Boots or gaiters and steel toe capped boots.

Concrete Cutting Chainsaw are now classed as a separate course and cannot be included in the above Chainsaw training.

To provide an alternative we opened our Training Centre in October 2018, and have achieved NPORS accreditation, meaning that you can come to us and we can register the training with the awarding body if required.

Training with us couldn’t be simpler, once you are booked on to the course all you need to bring is yourself and any personal PPE you may prefer.  All the equipment and safety PPE is provided and we will provide the equipment and accessories for the course, however if you wish to bring any of your own equipment this is perfectly fine to do so and we can then train you on the machinery you are used to working with.

Due to the nature of the courses we provide, we also ask that candidates clothing be suitable for practical use of the equipment, including Safety Boots where possible.

How we can help

Speaking of help, at Kentra we like to assist our clients with helping to arrange your training needs.  We have customers from all walks of life, self employed lone workers to multi national blue chip companies and its a pleasure to talk to you all.   If you would like more information about the courses we offer, click HERE for a link to our brochure or please  get in touch and let us help you though.

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