Kentra has been providing training throughout the UK for over 20 years, and have a large number of courses available, many with NPORS registration. We understand the impact COVID-19 has caused and have a responsibility to look out for the livelihoods and safety of our personnel and customers.

Following the Governments recent guidance, which is supported by science and credible health data, we have started the process of Kentra getting back to training operations. Our employees are excited to get back to work, and we’re doing so with both their and your health and safety in mind.

What We’re Doing

Our restart plan is the result of months of careful planning and preparation. We have been doing lots of work in the background including our new look website and staff training programmes. We have extra measures in place to check that social distancing for the theory sessions of training is possible and we have even moved the classroom at our training centre into the warehouse short term but this does allow us a 2 metre distance between tables.

Hand sanitisers 

These are provided for candidates and instructors to use and are placed at all entrances and exits, in bathrooms and at refreshment areas.

Gloves and Masks

These are available for candidates to use if they do not have their own or feel that theirs are inadequate.


All machine controls and access points that people touch will be wiped down using an approved COVID-19 disinfectant in between uses. Our instructors are trying to limit contact with your equipment as much as possible.

Social Distancing

In order to comply with social distancing guidelines course numbers may need to be reduced. Where possible we will still be adhering to the 2 metre rule and, only in exceptional circumstances will this be reduced to 1 metre.

Risk Assessment

Training providers must risk assess all activities to ensure they can follow the Government guidelines on social distancing. This applies to any activity undertaken at ant test centre or at customer premises. If you cannot comply with the guidelines you must not continue.

Further information on the Government guidelines for COVID-19 working practices can be found on the following websites.

Kentra getting back to training

From our Awarding Body

We also have a new location- and job-specific risk assessments provided by our Awarding body and their latest training advice is

  • Training Providers must risk assess all activities and ensure that they can follow the Government’s guidance on social distancing, this applies to any activity that is undertaken at any test centre, or at customer premises
  • If you cannot comply with Government guidelines you must not continue
  • In order to meet social distancing requirements, course numbers may need to be reduced
  • All machine controls and access points that people touch must be wiped down using an approved COVID-19 disinfectant, cleaning agent, wipes between users. Where possible gloves must also be worn. Please ensure that this activity is also risk assessed so that no one is put at any unnecessary risk.

Our instructors are trying to limit contact with any of your equipment as much as possible.

At Kentra we are continuously reviewing our processes to ensure they work for our instructors and customers in this new working environment. In line with the above recommendations we are requiring additional personal protective equipment, along with rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

Why We’re Restarting

We understand the need for staff training and assessments to keep your business going and to get restarted again after lockdown. Working together we can ensure everyone’s safety and try to resume normal training utilising the new safety measures and recommendations.

Since the beginning of June we have been able to conduct many outdoor courses for Agriculture and the Horticulture industries, these have been followed by the Construction Industry coming back to work.   With social distancing restrictions being reduced to 1 metre we hope to be able to safely accommodate more Warehousing and Industrial courses soon too.

ATV Video  For a quick look at our recent quad bike training.

If you’re at all worried about booking training courses or would just like any more information about managing training with COVID-19 please do not hesitate to give us a call or email.

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