There are many small businesses offering garden landscaping and patio replacements and even though you maybe small,  horticultural landscaping health and safety requirements still apply, no matter the size of your business we can help you!

At Kentra we have been providing training for over 20 years, with courses covering everything from small tools to mega dump trucks.  Working with operators within a wide variety industries, one man gardening teams to multi national organisations our training can be tailored to suit your needs.   So what can we offer….

Training courses

Okay here we go, we deliver over 100 different courses, but we want to try to narrow this down to what will interest you.

  • Lift Truck courses
  • Mobile Towers
  • Lorry Loader (Hiab), these will probably be operated by the materials delivery driver.
  • Slinger / signaller  if you work with crane operators
  • Excavators, we do from the little micro’s one – under one ton to big 360 machines
  • Dumpers, again mini machines to big forward or rear tippers.
  • Road Rollers, not just for flattening roads
  • Plant loader securer – for when you are moving your machinery on a trailer.
  • Plant machinery marshal / Vehicle marshal, are your people training in marshalling duties when directing vehicles and machines?
  • Safe working at height….  to be honest probably not required for landscapers but we’ve seen those teletubbie gardens so its made the list.
  • Confined spaces – low risk, again maybe not but if you are digging and the hole is more than 3 meters from ground level then yes your delegates should have confined spaces training before entering the area.
  • Manual Handing
  • Safe use of Ladders and Steps
  • Safety at Road and Street-works (if you need to do signing, lighting or guarding, for any works that may impact on the highway)
  • Harness and fall arrest
  • Abrasive Wheels,   we cover Angle grinders & cut off saws
  • Chainsaws and concrete cutting chainsaws
  • Bench and circular saws (but these will probably not be for on-site landscapers)
  • Cable Avoidance Tool – before digging its always best to make sure what’s under the ground
  • Small plant and portable tools, such as Jack hammer, planers or sanders
  • Hand held power tools

Horticultural Landscaping Health And Safety Requirements Horticulture Training Courses by Kentra Training in Middlewich, Cheshire Horticultural Landscaping Health And Safety Requirements

Wow that’s a bit of a list, now onto the horticultural courses

  • Woodchipper / shredder
  • Grass cutters & mowers
  • Strimmer & Brush cutter
  • Hedge Trimmer

Horticultural Landscaping Health And Safety Requirements

By law (The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974) requires you (as an employer or someone responsible for self employed people) to provide whatever information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of your employees.

Who needs health and safety training?   You do! Whether you are an employer or self-employed.   For more information on workplace training have a read of our blog – here’s a link.

What the horticulture courses cover

At Kentra, we specialise in providing on-site training and this course is delivered using a mixture of both classroom based tutorial and practical machine operating, testing and a final course assessment.

Course Aims and Objectives – On completion of the course those attending should be able to operate and maintain the horticulture equipment in a safe and efficient manner.   We also cover in our presentation the hazards associated with various plants and toxic woods, which the candidates may come into contact with during their work.

Delegate Eligibility and Entry Requirements – These courses are designed for candidates of all abilities. We can assist candidates with any learning difficulties or where English may not be their first language.

Learning Outcomes – So what can you expect the delegates to learn on the courses?

The candidates will learn to have a basic understanding of the dangers and their responsibilities as an operator, be able to locate and identify the major components and key controls of the machine and explain their functions. Set up an exclusion zone, while working.   Conduct all pre-operational checks, identify PPE appropriate for for the horticultural machine use. Select suitable type of machine relative to the work being undertaken.  Prepare the area for work and conduct all necessary safety checks at the work area before operations.  Operate machinery safely and efficiently.  Storage and transport of horticultural equipment, disposal of cut materials and carry out all end of shift and shut down procedures.

Horticultural Landscaping Health And Safety

Get in touch

If you would like any more details on any of the courses mentioned please just drop the office a call or ‘get in touch‘ as we are happy to help with any health and safety tips for landscapers that we can provide and to help steer you in the right direction for any training you may require.

All our novice courses offer general safety training for ground maintenance workers or tailored to your work activities, with many of the courses above able to be registered with our awarding body NPORS for a Nationally recognised training membership.

We look forward to helping with you with all your Horticultural Landscaping Health And Safety Requirements.

The Kentra Training Team

Horticultural Landscaping Health And Safety Requirements

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