A new date for the first 2022 Report of Thorough Examination course has just been released.

If your workplace has lifting equipment or lifting accessories like the ones below, they are required by law to be checked and examined to ensure they are safe to use.

Report of Thorough Examination

This is a 2 day training course for will give you the knowledge and the skills to be able to issue LOLER certification for Small lifting equipment and accessories. So what’s covered?

Lifting Equipment

Snatch block/ gin wheels, pull-lifts / lever hoists, hoists /runways, Tirfor type pull / lift machine, manual chain blocks, tripod & winch, fall protection equipment, safety harness / lanyards / fall arrest blocks are some examples of the lifting equipment used within the workplace that are covered on this course.

Lifting Accessories

Accessories include slings, shackles, hooks, wire rope, clamps, trolleys, grabs, beams.

The person carrying out these checks is a Lifting Equipment Inspector.  This check is officially called ‘A Report of Thorough Examination’ and is required to be conducted by a person appropriately practical who has the theoretical knowledge and experience of the lifting equipment to conduct and issue the report.  Identifying any defects or weaknesses and assessing their importance in relation to the safety and continued use of the lifting equipment.

Although the competent person may often be employed by an external organisation, this is not necessary provided they are sufficiently independent and impartial to ensure that in-house examinations are made without fear or favour. However, this should not be the same person who undertakes routine maintenance of the equipment as they would then be responsible for assessing their own maintenance work.

We can train your staff to become a Lifting Equipment Inspector and they can then perform these Thorough Examinations in-house for your organisation.

Report of Thorough Examination

New 2022 Date for Report of Thorough Examination

The course’s official name is N019 Report of Thorough Examination, the training will be registered with our awarding Body NPORS and candidates successfully completing the two day course will receive a 5 year operator card membership issued by National Plant Operator registration Scheme (NPORS).

Running on 16th & 17th March, at our training center in Middlewich, the course cost is £390.00 plus VAT which includes NPORS registration, per person.

Course Syllabus

For more details of the course, please swap to our blog page N019 Report of Thorough Examination, by clicking HERE.  This page contains the course aims, objectives and learning outcomes – and lots more of details about the training.

Report of Thorough Examination

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Report of Thorough Examination