There are many different Excavator training options available for training and assessment with our Awarding Body NPORS.

Established in 1992, National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS) are now one of the UK’s leading training card schemes.  Covering the Construction, Industrial, Warehousing, Agricultural and many more industry sectors.   

Working with CSCS, Build UK, CECA & CITB, NPOR were able to introduce the NPORS CSCS Construction Plant Operator Card, a few years on this is now a regularly ‘accepted record scheme’, meaning it is recognised by many as being equivalent to CPCS.   The NPORS  CSCS  card is embossed with a CSCS front hologram, bringing all card schemes under a ‘one logo’ policy.   This is so much easier for employers and site staff to be able to identify and validate operator cards.

Excavator training

Excavator training courses

So on to the different NPORS Excavator courses available.

The scheme splits training into three main categories – depending on the base machine.

  • N016    Micro Excavator 360 – up to one tonne
  • N201    180 Excavator
  • N202    360 Excavator

Within these main categories, there are different variations for testing based on the machine size and operation.   You need to take the test on the variation of machine that you would be using as this would be the machine on your registration.

For example N202TKZ Excavator 360° , this would allow you operation on a 360 Excavator, Tracked, Above and Below 10 Tonnes with Quick Hitch

But would not cover you for a wheeled machine, this would be a separate test.

N016    Micro Excavator 360 – up to one tonne


Wheeled (W)

Tracked (T)

Additional variation       

Theory Quick Hitch  (Z)


N201     180 Excavator

VariationsExcavator training

Wheeled (W)

Tracked  (T)


Below 5 tonnes (A)

Above and below 5 tonnes  (D)


N202     360 Excavator


Wheeled (W)

Tracked  (T)


1 to 10 tonnes (excluding Micro Excavator)   (J)

Above and below 10 tonnes   (K)

Additional variation

Theory Quick Hitch (Z)

Excavator training

Additional Training Options

In addition to the main machine training courses, we also provide the ‘Bolt on’ and additional NPORS training courses which include.

N027  Excavation Marshall

To train candidates in the marshalling of plant and equipment, movement on-site such as parking and working with machines whilst performing various tasks i.e. loading a vehicle, excavating a trench etc.

N100   Excavator as a Crane

This is a ‘bolt on’ course to the candidates existing Excavator training, at the time of testing the candidates must have a valid Excavator licence, with a minimum of 12 months before the expiry date. This course covers the use of an excavator as a crane, where the excavator operator may be required to sling the loads they are transport they too must be qualified and competent slinger signaller.

N726  Quick Hitch Awareness

There is also a Quick Hitch Awareness course – so if you didn’t cover the training during your Excavator testing, there is a separate one day option available.

S001 Safety Awareness

S001 – Construction Safety Awareness Course has been mapped as a full equivalent to the QCF Level 1 Award Health and Safety in a Construction Environment. This means that in addition to plant operators undertaking this course, labourers who have achieved the NPORS Site Safety Awareness Course can apply for the CSCS green Labourers Card once they have also passed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Operatives Test (touch Screen Test).

This course highlights potential hazards when working on site and provides practical advice on keeping yourself and your colleagues safe. It covers your individual and employer’s responsibilities, including what you can do if you think anyone’s health and safety is being put at risk.

This course provides health and safety awareness and is endorsed by Build UK as standard training for all operatives on site.


Training and assessments

The course duration is dependent upon the number of candidates and their experience operating the machine.

  • Novice candidates : This course is for candidates who have never been tested before, includes instructor presentation and full operator training
  • Refresher and Test : This course is for candidates who have been tested before but need a bit of remedial tuition before being retested. Includes instructor presentation as above, then remedial tuition if the candidates have any bad habits etc. whilst conducting the practical assessment
  • Experienced Worker Tests : This course is for experienced workers and does not include any training – this is just testing only – no tuition should be required for experienced workers.


All NPORS training and assessments can be delivered at your location using your equipment and machinery.  Kentra cover the whole of the Northwest, Midlands and North Wales regions, as well as working with a large number of associate NPORS instructors so that we are able to offer training and testing throughout the majority of the UK and the Isle of Man.

How we can help

We appreciate how complicated it can be to try to arrange training, I’m Emma I’ve been with Kentra for 18 years and still have to look up ratios and variations as all these courses are different.  So please, drop us a line, get in touch we are happy to discuss all the options, we like nothing more than to get a timetable drawn up on a spreadsheet to help our customers organise what’s needed.

If you would like more information about the courses we offer, click HERE for a link to our brochure and let us help you though.

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