What we do – Part 3 Earthmoving machinery and construction

Following on this weeks blog theme, here’s part 3 of our summary posts breaking down ‘What we do’ into smaller chunks – this post covers Earthmoving Machinery and other equipment used in construction, and the training courses we deliver.

Operator courses for Earthmoving machinery

N016 Micro Excavator 360 up to 1 Tonne 
N139 Forward Tipping Mini Dumper up to 1 Tonne
N201 Excavator 180
N202 Excavator 360
N204 Forward Tipping Dumper 
N205 Rear Tipping Dumper 
N206 Loader Compressor
N209 Loading Shovel
N212 Skidsteer Loader
N601 Agricultural Tractor
N726 Quick Hitch Awareness

N214 Road Roller

N027 Excavation Marshal – Banksperson
N120 Plant Loader & Securer
N210 Tow Tractor
N219 Skip Loader

Most of the above names are linked to the course syllabuses to find out more on the courses themselves.

Earthmoving machinery Earthmoving machinery Earthmoving machinery

Construction Site Safety Scheme

S001 Site Safety Awareness

S029 Construction Site Safety Supervisor
S031 Construction Site Safety Manager
S032 Construction Site Safety Manager – Refresher
S033 Construction Site Safety Supervisor – Refresher

The Construction Site Safety Scheme (CSSS) is a collection of health and safety training courses covering operative, supervisor and management training. These courses have been developed to support industry by providing the understanding and expertise to manage concerns including risks and environmental matters.


  • Site Safety Awareness, 7hour (SSA)
  • Construction Site Safety Supervisor (CSSS)
  • Construction Site Safety Manger (CSSM)

All courses within the CSS Scheme have been approved and mapped by CITB allowing for grant claims.

The Construction Site Safety Scheme courses are recognised by BuildUK, more details are also available on the NPORS website.

Other Associated Courses

We also offer a number of associated courses which link to the above training.

N034 Plant Supervisor Awareness

This is one of the new awareness courses introduced by NPORS for supervisors, associated courses also cover MEWP and Fork Lift Supervisor Awareness.

N132 Plant Mover

N133 Plant Machinery Marshal

N403 Vehicle Marshal

We always highlight the need for marshalls on-site following the numbeous accidents reported by the HSE.

How we can help

We appreciate how complicated it can be to try to arrange training, I’m Emma I’ve been with Kentra for 18 years and still have to look up ratios and variations as all the courses are different.  So please, drop us a line, get in touch we are happy to discuss all the options, we like nothing more than to get a timetable drawn up on a spreadsheet to help our customers organise what’s needed.

If you would like more information about the courses we offer, click HERE for a link to our brochure and let us help you though.

The Kentra Training Team

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